Our comprehensive suite of products and services helps financial institutions and corporate to Protectt the financial critical environments. Our platform analyzes using advanced algorithms to derive statistical models using past and real time data to predict, prevent, and prompt to Protectt.


Our expertise in the domain of cyber science helped creating a best in class prevention mechanism. Two of our mobile end point offerings  App Protectt and Mobile Protectt prevents most of the known cyber attacks on the mobile devices of your stake holders and customers & Labs Services > guides your organization to follow the best cyber practices and set up the
standard across organization and leaves no stones unturned in terms of cyber security.


Real Time Protectt is one of our state of the art Fraud and Risk Management Engine  powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Financial institutions redirects all the Fincritical  instructions to us to analyze and compute the risk score that will be the decider to proceed further and terminate and flag the potential risk.


We figure out the security threat even before it mounts and creates financial and reputation loss. We  instruct the execution engine of the financial houses to block the transaction to get executed. But sometimes it is important to notify all other channels of the organization and keep them in single page, We Protectt in whatever way we can and help financial institutions to stay safe and secured.