Mobile Protectt

Mobile phone has emerged as an inevitable sophisticated peripheral of a corporate lifestyle. Most of the professional and financial tasks are accomplished in mobile phone to achieve greater productivity.

The array of Mobile variants out on the market is increasing drastically by each passing month. iOS and Android releasing OTA updates of Operating system, upgrading some of the pre-installed Apps periodically with respective stores. Cyber criminals tend to take advantage from any one of the soft corner from Device, OS and Apps.

It’s becoming one of the main concerns for organizations needs to gear up and expand their security scope all the way to their employee’s mobile phones to keep their Employees from falling prey to any cyber attack bait.

Our comprehensive Mobile App protectt would mitigate from most of the cyber attacks. Our business dashboard gives better analytical insights to the corporate and allows configuring business critical rules instantly.

Advantages of using Mobile Protectt powered by AI

  • Detection of Jail broken and Rooted devices
  • Protection from potential phishing attacks
  • Segregate and notify users with outdates OS
  • Eliminate network related risks
  • Scan and pin point potential attacking Apps and files stored.