Zero trust on device
Zero Trust on Installed Apps and Files
Zero trust on the network access

Mobile Apps has enabled Banks and Financial institutions to get into the bandwagon of digital transformation. 

For the customers it’s a convenience and experience of doing transactions with a touch of the mobile. 

Financial institutions are becoming Fin-Tech players to stay relevant in the market by offering cutting edge solution ahead of competitors. 

We at partner with you in  safeguarding your customers from potential financial risks and your brand reputation risk.

Mobile Banking / UPI End point security

Zero Trust on Device

The best way to prevent the attack is to have a zero-trust policy for both android and IOS. A compromised device provides zero security for any apps.

With our proven solution we enable:
– Best in class Jail broken / Root detection.
– Odd out behavioural abnormality
– Figure-out the vulnerabilities on the OS
– Analyse the configuration of the device.

Zero Trust on installed apps and files

A common customer would have no clue about the presence of potential Apps that can hijack control.

Most of the attacks would be launched from the popular Apps or their look alike that has permissions from end users to have access.

Some of the critical checks include:
– Unprotected business data persisted on the customer device
– Unwanted yet important permissions required by installed apps that can be launchpad for an attack
– Spyware and Trojan that can extract critical data
– Sideloading of legitimate Apps that may have been compromised.
– Spoofed or compromised versions of Apps.

Zero trust on the network access

A safe device doesn’t guarantee the secured transformation of Data. The network on which the data being transmitted is a gateway for attackers. runs certain diagnosis that covers
– Border Gateway Protocol Hijacking with malicious host certificate.
– HTTP traffic hijacking with SSL Striping.
– Man in the middle attack.
– Downgraded TLS Protocol version.